Poison Subroutine - Semper Fragment


Dubai Summer Tournament

The Dubai Summer Tournament has taken place at BattleZone where the best competitors in the country fought three rounds!

Best Painted Army - Dubai Summer Tournament

Although the result of Kuchulainn's Space Wolves was pretty poor, his 1750pts army won "Best Painted Army" award (for the second time in a row).


The Seeds of Maerorus

The Seeds of Maerorus was a Warhammer 40000 Narrative Campaign that started on 30 November 2018, in collaboration with BattleZone. The campaign escalated from Kill Teams to a massive Apocalypse game reuniting all participating players.

Kill Team Results

After seven weeks of intense skirmishes in the Obscurus Sector, of gathering intelligence and interrogations in the Rogue Traders vessels, three factions have stood out and found out significant clues about the Seeds of Maerorus:

  1. Oisin Duffy
  2. Alex
  3. Terry Mo

Campaign Results

Once marching orders have been given, all armies fought on sevral planets to be the first to face Leidenstrasse. Games escalated from 750pts to 2000pts and concluded in an Apocalypse of biblical proportions where the best players were:

  1. Zeyad Nabulsi
  2. Sergey Stolnikov
  3. Oisin Duffy

Players participating in the campaign had access to a specifically designed Campaign Handbook and a fillable Kill Team Roster prepared by the Clan Mac Datho servitors. It was also our first occasion to use the Campaign Management app to register wins, and vote for Best Models, Armies and Sportsmanships awards.