Poison Subroutine - Semper Fragment

The Early Years

Cuchulainn Mac Datho - August 1996 In 1996, a group of friends based in Strasbourg (France) started a campaign for a semi-live roleplaying game they created around the universe of Highlander, in which their immortal characters would fight each other for several years. Cuchulainn Mac Datho, Rémy Lebeau, Cornelius Reitter et Roderic formed the core of what would later become the Clan Mac Datho.

They started participating in Live Action Role Playing games under this name and become famous, attracting a larger number of players.

They have since taken part in dozens of LARP for various organizations in several countries as players, or as Non-Player Characters to put their drive for excellence at work to enhance the players' experience.

Maximum Security - 1997

Oultremont - 2001

After more than a decade out off the LARP business, the Clan is getting back into it under the leadership of Kornelius Mac Datho. If you are interested in joining us or in hiring us for your LARP, please send us a message and we will gladly get back to you!

Hardcore Online Gaming

Ordre des Corsaires de la Liberté

In 1998, the Clan Mac Datho appears for the first time in Online Gaming by becoming one of the first "super power" in Mankind under the name of Ordre des Corsaires de la Liberté - a.k.a. [OCL]. This marks the official founding of our organization by Astreuil, Kuchulainn, Gwenwithar and Lerklio on 11 November 1998.

Gwenwithar - Lerklio - Kuchulainn - Astreuil

Online gaming is brand new, and the hype gave us some serious media exposure (several prime-time TV appearances, magazine articles, etc.) as we run the Clan like a small enterprise. We have a secure intranet containing strategies and help cheats, an SMS platform to alert our members of in-game events, and we launch the tradition of "IRL" ("In Real Life") meetings from our first anniversary celebration. Since then, the Clan has counted up to 140 players simultaneously, and was present on most of the popular games in their times, like Half-Life & Counter-Strike, Starcraft Brood War (1999), then Shogun Total War (under the name Clan Hōjōon 5 February 2000).

The next key milestone for the Clan happens on 24 April 2000, when we start our journey on Everquest (on the Karana server) right when Ruins of Kunark was launched. We started there under the Ordre des Corsaires identity, but rebranded as Clan Mac Datho when Karana players were migrated on Ayonae Ro server in December 2000. We later rebranded as Héritage, from 8 October 2001 until 16 April 2002, when we officially retire from EverQuest and from hardcore gaming.

The Casual Days

We have been casually present on Quake 3 & Unreal Tournament (21 March 2001), Star Wars Galaxies (under the name Privateers Corp. from 19 April 2001), Dark Age of Camelot (under the name StrandHöogg on the Merlin server), on World of Warcraft (on the Ellune server), on Bloodwars (on the Ultima Thule II server in 2008), on Astro Empires (on the Alpha and Hydra servers), and on Lord of the Rings Online (on the Sirannon server) where we are still present today.

We have been active on the collectible card games scene as well, with several of our members playing Magic the Gathering for several decades. We have also been present in the wargaming world and our Warhammer 4000 players (mostly in France and United Arab Emirates) are quite famous.

Be it online or around a table, we had hundred of players joining our adventures - some only for a couple of months, but most became lifetime friends who shared the Spirit of the Clan together, and with their kids now - the second generation. The show goes on...